Lincolnshire CCG – Strategic Review,


Completed: April, 2014

Service: Project Management

Sector: Healthcare

Client: Nottingham LiftCo

We provided Healthcare consultancy support to assist in the reconfiguration of services in Lincolnshire to enhance and deliver work that has been undertaken during their 100 day programme.

We provided the CCG with detailed analysis of activity undertaking in their acute and secondary sectors which allows them to undertake “what if” scenario modelling for the delivery of services and assess where services are best placed for delivery now and in the future.

Working closely with the CCG to collate and interpret data, we developed bespoke deterministic and stochastic models which will assist in the reconfiguration of services and assist in the development of the trusts estates strategy.


Monaghans used deterministic modelling techniques to analyse the data from the 100 day surveys to establish how services were offered in main the hospital sites and GP practices across Lincolnshire.

The completion of the modelling demonstrated where the services were most in demand allowing the CCG to focus their future service provisions across the county. The study completed by Monaghans allowed for the rationalisation of services within the CCG and for them to establish savings through improved care options and also with the reduction on service offers.