HM Government Staying Covid 19 Secure Poster (Monaghans) Aug20
HM Government Staying Covid 19 Secure Poster (Monaghans) Aug20

Monaghans COVID-19 Risk Assessment

Monaghans have had management arrangements for the COVID-19 Secure Guidance in place as GOV.UK requirements having completed a risk assessment for a phased return to working environments as follows:

Stage 1 – Continued staff homeworking wherever possible with occasional office visits/working and authorised site & premises inspections with Line Manager approval.

Stage 2 – Phased reopening of offices with combined office working and homeworking (involving shift patterns) to reduce occupancy levels in the offices.

Stage 3 – Full re-opening of offices.

Initially all offices were at Stage 1 under enhanced internal H&S procedures MONPRO017 for lone/remote working which communicated, to all staff and made available internally via our intranet.

Sheffield and London offices have now moved to Stage 2 as of Monday 17th August 2020.  Our Risk Assessment, and management arrangements have been updated and issued to all staff internally via inductions and briefings. The procedures and associated arrangements will be supported by appropriate staff and visitor rules and will be monitored and updated as necessary. The results of our risk assessment have also been communicated to all staff and remain available internally via our intranet. Our Manchester office remains at Level 1 and staff based there will continue to use the Level 1 arrangements working from home with occasional office visits.

We will consider a move to Stage 3 following successful implementation of Stage 2 and as GOV.UK advice allows.

Our updated ‘Staying COVID-19 Secure in 2020’ Poster has been displayed within our office receptions and on staff notice boards. In accordance with GOV.UK requirements for companies with more than 50 employees, this section of our website makes the above ‘Staying COVID-19 Secure in 2020’ poster and risk assessment publicly available.

If you have any queries regarding Monaghans’ response to COVID-19, please contact Alan Nock on 07788 395 603 or or Simon Hirst on 07974 256 121 or