Krispy Kreme,

UK & Ireland Wide

Completed: April, 2014

Services: Cost Management, Project Management, Programme Management, Health & Safety Consultancy

Sector: Leisure

Size: £50K-£2.5m per project across a variety of models and project types

Monaghans and Krispy Kreme have a strong relationship where Monaghans have been the provider of services to all Krispy Kreme stores since their first UK opening in 2004.

Monaghans work on a variety of Krispy Kreme stores throughout the UK and Ireland such as flagship retail/factory stores, inline units and mid floor installations of all sizes.

Works have included Transport Hubs and Airports (often operational) and associated working restrictions and conditions. Works have also included a programme of the refurbishment of the existing estate and Head Office in Frimley.


  • Manage and assist with annual client capital roll out programme and forecasting
  • Manage client programmes and costs from initial feasibility and inception through to handover
  • Have worked and helped with brand growth as it has gone from initial store in Harrods to national brand
  • Regularly update and review/produce new cost models for client and engage in procurement exercises across suppliers
  • Influential in developing Krispy Kreme project delivery process for all workstreams and new concepts
  • Ability to streamline programme and procurement when necessary to meet fluid or expedited schemes as they arise
  • Reduced lead and site durations through robust front-end planning and procurement approach allowing overlap of design development and procurement
  • Management and facilitation of stringent and detailed Landlord approval processes at shopping centres and transport hubs

Previous Projects

  • New build and drive through restaurants throughout the UK and LLD
  • New Commissary production units
  • Inline and mid-mall units within shopping centres, high streets and retail parks
  • External ‘Rocket’ Caravans within department stores and to external spaces
  • Refurbishment and upgrade of existing estate