Dynamic Healthcare Modelling

Monaghans - Dynamic Healthcare Modeling
Monaghans - Dynamic Healthcare Modeling

28th April 2020

In addition to the current pressures of Covid-19, the NHS and wider healthcare sector continues to face key long-term challenges including an ageing and growing population and how to finance the delivery of increasingly complex and in demand services. As funding increases have fallen and deficits among NHS providers have risen, there is an urgent need to deliver better value at a time when frontline staff are already working under intense pressure.

An important way of delivering better value is for healthcare providers to be empowered to act on the wealth of data and evidence available to them. Monaghans and our specialist partner Huddy Healthcare have a proven track record in healthcare modelling, consistently delivering evidence-based tools and analysis to support our clients’ key decisions including:

  • Improvement Programmes
  • Development of Healthcare Premises
  • Business Cases
  • Options Appraisals
  • Resource and Estates Efficiencies

From strategic high-level master planning, to more detailed local economy, departmental, and ward modelling, we can analyse any clinical area in the public or private sector where data is already available, or where we can observe and collect live data. Our analysis consistently drives value through service and pathway efficiencies, estates rationalisation, and scheme viability & future proofing.

We can inform crucial decision making such as moving services from the acute setting into a community setting (or vice versa). It is not for us to make decisions for our clients, but rather to provide and/or evaluate options though data modelling to support a robust decision making process that enables the client to drive value, improve patient outcomes, and meet the long term challenges facing the Healthcare sector.

We have a track record of working for NHS Trusts throughout the UK and are aligned to a number of frameworks, including:

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to discuss your specific requirements in more detail, or if there is anything else we can help with in the current period. In the first instance please contact Adam Pickering on 07884 665 383 or adam.pickering@monaghans.co.uk

Dynamic modelling is just one of the services our healthcare experts can provide, for more information on the wider range of expertise available please visit: https://www.monaghans.co.uk/news/healthcare-consultancy